Beginning in 2020, a team of people from around the globe came together to join forces and provide safe, nutritious SuperFood potatoes for all.  Nature’s Source Organics® takes a health driven approach to Total System Management (TSM™) that is driven by regenerative Soil-To-Belly™ practices resulting in organically grown SuperFood varietals of the nutritious potato family.

Nature’s Source Organics is a sustainable organization that utilizes naturally occurring nutrients and live biology found in our BioNutrition products.  Our mission is to regenerate soils, while helping nature, growers, and the human body.  Potatoes have never been granted SuperFood status until now. With hundreds of nutritious compounds in them, there is a problem with them not achieving the status of most nutrient dense food per drop of water.  Not all spuds are created equally and we’re here to prove that to the world.

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